Our Certified Pet Stylists

Ridgeside K9 Grooming employs fully certified, highly-trained, and leaders within the grooming industry. Our team of professional groomers is committed to helping you maintain the care of your dog. They are trained to a high standard and are always improving and updating their knowledge and skills with workshops and courses along the way. 

We are also more than happy to work with our clients on developing a personal touch.

Does your dog need a bath?

Looking sharp has never been so easy!

RIDGESIDE K9 GROOMING is the premier choice for your pampered pet!

Our professional, knowledgeable groomers explain the process and costs, with no hidden fees at checkout. Along with dog bathing, trims, nail trimming and ear cleaning, we offer personalized skin and coat treatments, teeth brushing, anal gland expression, shed-relief services, spa treatments and more!

aleasha matthews

MEET Our Lead Groomer

Grooming is truly a family affair for me! Both my mom and mother-in-law have been grooming experts for years. In fact, it’s all thanks to the grooming world that I even met my amazing husband! Two decades ago, we both found ourselves working at the same grooming establishment, bathing adorable dogs for our moms.
I’ve been fortunate enough to gain over 20 years of experience in the pet grooming industry. Along the way, I’ve earned a bunch of certifications to further expand my knowledge. Becoming Fear Free Certified, AKC Certified Groomer, and dual Pet CPR & First Aid certified through Barkleigh & IPG are just a few of my accomplishments. I’m also proud to be an IPG Certified Groomer, as well as a member of both NDGAA and NCGI. I’ve taken extensive continuing education courses, such as the ‘Super Doodle Course’ and ‘The 3 Doodle Coat Types,’ both sponsored by Barkleigh.
In my personal life, I’m lucky enough to have two beautiful Standard Poodles and a lovable doodle. I have a special affinity for working with “difficult dogs” and have even earned a certificate for my success in this area. My goal is to help skittish or anxious pets feel comfortable and relaxed while in my care.
I also find great joy in the creative aspect of grooming and specialize in various breed standard haircuts. Right now, I’m working towards earning my Master Groomer Certification, which is the highest level of achievement for a groomer.
Above all, the health and safety of your beloved dogs are my top priorities. From the moment they step foot in our salon to the moment they leave, I strive to ensure that your furry companions feel happy and at ease.