Why Does My Dog Run Around Like A Maniac After A Bath?

Why Does My Dog Run Around Like A Maniac After A Bath?

Have you ever given your dog a bath, hoping that they would come out of it feeling relaxed, pampered, and well-cared for, only to find them even more hyperactive than before? Many dog owners can relate to their dogs behaving extra energized and wild after getting a bath. Read on to discover more about why dogs go crazy after bathing.

Anxiety During Bathing

Despite our best efforts, most dogs simply do not enjoy taking a bath. It can be quite challenging to persuade our furry companions to jump into the tub, no matter how dirty, dusty, or smelly they are. Bath anxiety is a common issue among many dogs, making bath time their least favorite part of the day. As a result, once they finish bathing, dogs are eager to get out of there as quickly as possible. The burst of energy that follows a bath is their way of releasing all the pent-up nervous energy that has accumulated before and during the bath.

Drying Process

Dogs also dislike being wet, which is why they vigorously shake themselves dry after a bath. This behavior is similar to when they go swimming as well. Shaking their bodies helps expedite the drying process. Although it may seem peculiar to witness, your furry friend is simply trying their best to get dry when they shake themselves after bathing.

New Scents and Sensations

We are all familiar with the smell of a wet dog, but dogs themselves might find their new scent confusing when they are wet. The scents of dog shampoos, soaps, and other scented bath products might also perplex your dog. They are accustomed to sniffing dirt, grass, and even feces, so smelling scents like “clean linen” or lavender can be disorienting and may cause them to become excited. Furthermore, toweling off your dog after a bath might be a new sensation for them, which can contribute to their excited behavior.

They Might Enjoy It

Although it is quite rare, some dogs might genuinely experience a post-bath craze due to sheer happiness from being pampered and clean. Who knows, maybe they genuinely love hopping into the tub and getting a good rub-down for a few minutes. If your dog falls into this category, consider yourself fortunate! However, keep in mind that this is not the norm for most dogs.

The post-bath hyperactivity of dogs is not as mysterious as you may have initially thought. After reading this article,, the next time your dog goes crazy after a bath, you’ll better understand what’s going on.


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